Google Analytics Plugin

pop-ga by George Ornbo is a Google Analytics plugin for pop. It can be installed using npm:

npm install -g pop-ga

And then used by updating your _config.json:

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Pop 0.1.1

Pop 0.1.1 has been released. This version improves the build process by making it use more events rather than counting down the number of files that have been processed.

This should make the site build process more stable.

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Pop 0.1.0

I've released Pop 0.1.0. This cements the basic functionality that I want to include in Pop for the near future.

This release includes a tags page for the built-in site generator, and a helper called postsForTag.

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Pop 0.0.9

Pop 0.0.9 is out:

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Pop 0.0.8

I've just released Pop 0.0.8, which adds:

RSS Feeds

You can get RSS feeds "for free" by adding an autoGenerate option to _config.json:

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Pop 0.0.7

Pop 0.0.7 is out:

Using Generators

Generating a site with Pop generally works like this:

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Pop 0.0.6

Pop 0.0.6 adds the following features and enhancements:

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Pop 0.0.5

Pop 0.0.5 has been released. This version introduces a plugin architecture and post-filters.


A post-filter can alter HTML after it has been generated by the template engine. The structure is the same as helpers and pre-filters. Add a file to _lib/post-filters.js:

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Pop 0.0.4

Pop 0.0.4 is out:

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Pop 0.0.3

Pop version 0.0.3 is out.

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Pop 0.0.2

Pop version 0.0.2 has been released. This version adds additional default styles to the site generator (blockquotes, pagination), and adds post summary support.

Writing YAML front-matter like this:

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Pop Released

Pop version 0.0.1 has been released:

This includes stextile, which is a rough-and-ready Textile parser. Pop also supports Markdown.

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